Kahaani Wale is a tech-creative company. Founded in 2016, we specialize in creating immersive experiences for brands through virtual reality and 360 degree digital content. We weave niche stories through films and campaigns; thereby making brands stand out in the clutter, both online and offline platforms.Our team is young and diverse. We deliver creative solutions that is people and personality driven.

Over the 3 years, we have been the communication partners of 30 leading organizations. We also curate and create independent virtual reality content, films, and campaigns for our woke millennial audience.

Hum Le Ke Rahenge documents the culture of protests in India through a series of short documentaries, photo-stories, and blogs. The unique ways in which protesters fight for seemingly untenable causes is a heritage worth preserving. The campaign explores what it takes for an Indian citizen to be heard. Hum Le Ke Rahenge taps into this rich repository of collective action in India and amplifies dissenting voices from all parts of the country, irrespective of their political inclination.