#AchhiLadki Campaign

#AchhiLadki Campaign :  Achhi Ladki is a campaign to reclaim the term ‘Achhi Ladki’ or ‘Good Girl’. The idea of what it is to be an ‘#AchhiLadki’ in the Indian Society has restricted women’s agency to exercise her own choice. By pushing the boundaries of the popular narrative of what it means to be an #AcchiLadki, the campaign attempts to redefine the term and assert choices that women make in their everyday life.

By using the medium of storytelling, the campaign addresses these issues using powerful creatives that evoke emotions. Through a sarcastic, witty and humorous tone, #AchhiLadki is renegotiating the term to create an alternative narrative for herself. She is an unapologetic feminist who has the spunk to ask difficult questions.

The campaign is a representation of the fierceness, frankness and vulnerability of the female experience in the Indian society. With this, We want to inspire, celebrate and support the choices women make on how to exist.