HumLeKeRahenge Campaign

#HumLeKeRahenge Campaign: Hum Le Ke Rahenge documents the culture of protests in India through a series of short documentaries, photo-stories, and blogs. The unique ways in which protesters fight for seemingly untenable causes is a heritage worth preserving. The campaign explores what it takes for an Indian citizen to be heard. Hum Le Ke Rahenge taps into this rich repository of collective action in India and amplifies dissenting voices from all parts of the country, irrespective of their political inclination.

As a part of the campaign, we are producing a 60-minute documentary “India Screams”. It is a political satire about protests on Jantar Mantar Road, a mile-long protest street in India’s national capital Delhi. The street was a stage for the theatre of world’s largest democracy for 25 years before it was banned for public protests by the state on 6th October 2017. India, which is born out of Gandhi’s protests, is currently wrestling with the notion of dissent. Hum Le Ke Rahenge explores the promise of freedom of speech this nation made to its citizens