JANUARY 3, 2018
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After baking the fifth batch of cookies and feeding everyone I could get a hold of, I quietly sat down in September of 2016 and asked myself THE question. A question I had been avoiding under the masquerade of short films and love troubles. The question simply was – What did I really want to do with my life?
Sinking into my bed with the smell of baked goodies filling up my nostrils and Dylan humming his tunes from my brother’s room, I gave my heart the luxury to wander. Boy oh Boy! My audacious heart wanted too many things. It wanted to tell stories that showed humanity regardless of difference. It wanted to change the world I lived in, frame by frame. It wanted to work with the most exciting people and it deeply wanted anyone, even one person to validate its craziness.

By December I realized I had made it to the Hubert H. Humphrey Fulbright Scholarship program. Kahaani Wale was still taking shape and I had a vague idea of what I wanted. I quietly whispered to myself what Kahaani Wale was going to be, something that built a digital culture of long lasting presence.

You should not whisper your dreams. They may take you to places you are not yet ready
to go.

I stayed. Unapologetically and without explanation.

Kahaani Wale had its inception in May 2017 with the team joining in July. 

Like the fifth batch of my cookies, my projects also had different shapes. Hum Le Ke Rahenge, a 6-episode documentary series, was us blaring to the world about the need to dissent. Achhi Ladki was a sassy and opinionated young girl living her truth, one poster a day. 

As this year ends and I count the feathers in my wings, I write to you to thank you for being a part of my courage.

If you have seen our work, liked it, noticed it, mentioned it, remembered it or are seeing it for the first time – thank you for being a part of my story. Your acknowledgment of what we do and create, builds us every day. It fuels our dreams and brings joy to our soul.

If you ask me what I did this year, here it is. I gave flight to my imagination and courage. So this is my wish for you this year, I hope you have an honest conversation with your heart. I hope it truly tells you what it wants and you have the courage in your flight to follow it.

May 2018 make your dreams come true.



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2017 was an exciting year for us! Here is a glimpse of all that we have done and stuff to look forward to in the new year.

Hum Le Ke Rahenge
“Hum Le Ke Rahenge”, our series on the culture of protest in India was made into a film this year. The last leg of 2017 was all about obtaining that elusive Censor Board Certificate, which we managed to get. Phew! The festival season is close so stay tuned for more updates.

Achhi Ladki
Our very first campaign aims to reclaim the word ‘Achhi Ladki’ or ‘Good Girl’ by redefining the term and asserting choices that women make in their everyday life. Achhi Ladki believes in going big or going home so we gave her what she wanted. We have 30 collaborations lined up including Majlis, Action Aid, Video Volunteers, Sangat and many more.

FemiCon, the first of its kind annual carnival in India celebrating young and fearless women for their unapologetic choices, will make its way to you in 2018. A project that is slowly but surely gaining momentum, we shall keep you updated with all the latest developments. We hope we see you there!

Another exciting project that is under construction is a video series on the dissenters of this country. The team is currently getting in touch with news-makers who have managed to make Arnab Goswami scream a little louder this year. So watch this space for updates on the same.

Thank you for reading the Kahaani Wale Newsletter.

Lots of love,
The Kahaani Wale Team


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